for Bands / Musicians 2015

One of the basic features of the Studio is a studio recording. Three main, separated and soundproof rooms of the studio (chillout, recording, directing) allows recording individually, or several instruments simultaneously, or the whole band. Sound characteristics of studio will meet even the most demanding requirements for quality recording of different or demanding styles, such as jazz. Actual recording offer depends on type, scope and complexity of the particular project, as well as on equipment and on current possibilities of the studio. There are two basic options:

Price (estimated)
·         one recording day = 10 hour
1000,- czk / day
·         one recording day = 10 hour
2000,- czk / day

     * Prices are estimated and depends on upcoming agreement.

STUDIO AREA:  photos in Gallery -> Studio Interior
1. Chillout Room [23m2 ] –  the first room upon entering the studio used for a rest and relaxation, includes spacious seating, fridge, microwave and kettle for musicians.
2. Directing Room [15m2 ] –  partly soundproof room used by sound engineers during the studio recordings. The room is entered from the chillout room and follows the recording room. The wall that separates directing and recording rooms contains sound-insulating window allowing sound engineer visual contact with the band or musician during the recording.
3. Recording / Practicing Room [22m2 ] – fully soundproof room used for actual recording / practicing of bands and musicians.
4. Storage Room [6m2 ] – the smallest room, last in order with access from recording room, used for storage.
5. Restroom Facilities are located on the ground floor.

-        Drums Basis / DC-drums classic BD 20 x 18", TT 10 x 8", 12 x 9", 14 x 12", SD 14 x 6"
-        PA -> Yamaha Stagepas 300 / 2x 150W Speakers
-        1x Bass Amp -> Gallien-Krueger MB Fusion 500W head + 2x 300W Speakers
-        1x Guitar Combo -> Fender Princeton Chorus combo 125W
-        1x Microphone Stand
-        2x Guitar Stand

·         excellent accessibility (Prague 6 / metro, tram, bus -> station Hradčanská)
·         clean and pleasant enviroment with extra equipment
·         space segmentation
·         possibilities and benefits of practicing with own music equipment
·         excellent acoustic properties of the recording / practicing room
·         possibility of live studio recordings for the practicing bands
·         possibility to rent a studio for studio recordings
·         fair dealing and comunication
·         lucrative price

Incase of your interest for practicing or recording in Studio Havel,
please feel free to contact studio manager Sony Solar.
Sony Solar
Studio Manager

M: +420 737 070 476
PRACTICING in studio